So on Friday I got myself all packed for the airshow on Saturday. Packed lighter pants (in case the weather got too hot), another top, my Crocs (yes, I have Crocs, get over it), a windbreaker jacket (learnt my lesson last show!), and the same for my bf (only he wore his lighter pants, and took warmer pants instead). Also packed a beach mat (unlike the link-pic, I dont have the bag and my mat is orange, not pink) which is handy to have underneath a blanket. I dont have a rugged-type blanket, so borrowed two from my mom. Also thought to pack suntan lotion and Disprin in case anyone got headaches from the sun. Packed a flask of coffee to drink in the queue since we were planning on getting there around 8am, and we expected a chilly morning, what with all the grey skies we’ve been having all week.

So the next morning, Michael didnt want to get up early haha even though it was he who decided on the time, so we ended up only getting there at 8.30am-9am. The queue was not even 5 minutes long, and the morning was really nice, warm weather! Blue skies all over!! Fantastic! All was well…until we reached the field, or should I say bog! All the rain we’ve been having made the field incredibly sloppy, depsite all the hay and straw they put down to help. It took us AGES to find our friends (who arrived at 6am), but the spot we had was decent 🙂 It was right on the edge of the field against the runway barrier. We didnt look around the airshow stalls as our bags were heavy and we wanted to put them down. We would have gone back, but struggling through the boggy ground wasnt fun, and that put us off (though Michael went back once to get food for us).

Soon as we settled down, we put on sunscreen (though we still got burnt a little, which I think was more wind burn than actual sun burn). I hauled out my camera right from the start and got right down to snapping away. The show included displays of helicopters, boeings, smoke displays, tanks, and fighter jets. There was also a Mini War Demonstration which involved cargo drop-offs, parachuting soldiers, and morter bombs going off amidst gun-fire (all controlled, and safe, probably all blanks :P).

Sure the fighter jets are great to watch (and this year, the speaker system was better, so we all got to actually hear what was going on and what plane was what this time), but my favourites are the Boeings. Those huge beast of machines soaring gracefully in the sky just fascinate me. All that metal, over our heads….wow! This year we were treated to a few Boeing displays: a Boeing 747 (which was privately owned by one man), an Airbus A340 (which was also flanked by four fighter jets – you could hear the proximity warning alarms going off when they patched through to the pilot), a formation of two Boeing 737s, and a chance fly-by of a Boeing 767 coming in from New York.

I think the highlight of the day for most was Thunder City’s English Electric Lightning which broke the sound barrier…twice (you can see the pic I took of the Lightning at the top of the post). It was louder than we think the co-ordinators expected, but it was amazing to hear (even set off people’s car alarms). Apparently people complained and thought bombs were going off (I have to ask, who doesnt know about the airshow when there are planes flying overhead practising for at least a fortnight beforehand??!). I was glad our dogs were mellow from the tranqs, though Gizmo still bolted upstairs and ended up sitting in the shower for cover 🙁

All in all, the day was great! Feel free to browse through my Airshow Album or just watch the better photos summary in the slideshow in the Recent Pics section on the side, though that might be gone if you’re reading this a week or so (or whenever I have more “recent pics”) after I’ve typed this.

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