So, Tuesday nights in my house are called Chicken Tuesdays. This name came from when I started making roast chicken pieces for dinner, and somehow it always seeemed to be on a Tuesday.
Last Tuesday I was treated to dinner, since the following day was a public holiday, so we missed out on Chicken Tuesday that week (I think there were other dinner arrangements for the other nights of the week that week) and this Tuesday I attended an Intel function at our wholesalers (they gave away camo jackets and had a prize-giving air rifle shooting competition :P) so again, no Chicken Tuesday.
So, last night I finally got down to making chicken and thought I’d try something different with the potatoes for a change. I’ve been watching Masterchef with my mother every day on BBC’s Lifestyle channel, so I guess thats where I got the urge from.
Anyway, I decided to make Sauteed Potatoes! Ok ok, so its simple enough, but for me, its a Big Thing. I cubed up the potato (we only needed one, it was a large potato), boiled it in a pot of water with a little salt, and then heated up a non-stick frying pan with quite a bit of oil in it (not enough to “deep dry” the cubes). In went the cubes, I seasoned them, and waited until they turned golden brown on the outside, turning them as needed. Drained them onto some paper towels, and served. It was DELICIOUS! They were crispy on the outside, and simply light and fluffy on the inside!! Just mouth-watering! Michael loved them and is now demanding that I make them more often! They were soooo good!
A photo (which doesnt look as appetising as it was, I assure you!) for you to see:

Yes, thats a very large piece of chicken, they’re not normally that huge and normally I dont serve myself potatoes (carbs and proteins ‘n all that). Hmm, and the potatoes were a little more golden than that…actually…why am I posting this photo at all?? It simply doesn’t do these wonderful sauteed spuds justice!

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Chicken Tuesday…with a difference!
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One thought on “Chicken Tuesday…with a difference!

  • April 18, 2016 at 11:00 pm

    It’s spooky how clever some ppl are. Thnska!

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