Ok, so its been difficult for me to accept and even moreso to blog about this, but back in my first post, I said the following:

Welcome to my blog! I’ve been meaning to start this blog for a while now, but wanted to wait until I had a certain bit of news under my belt. After much thought (and a little procrastination), I decided to start it earlier (watch this space for my News :P).

Well, the news was…*takes a deep breath* I was applying for a job on a cruise ship as a photographer. In a daring moment, I applied to a recruiter and the very next day I had a reply asking for an interview! I was so thrown, as I didnt actually expect it would be that quick…or easy. So I went for my interview, and things rolled smoothly along. Basically I needed a passport (yes, yes I dont have a passport yet), a medical clearance, and a police clearance. Since I already purchased plane tickets to PE for Christmas time (R1k+) I didnt want to apply before Jan for the boat just in case I had to leave before I was ready. I also had to apply and wait for my passport. Costs involved were camera equipment (Nikon D80 or better), uniform, deposit (refunded at end of contract) and flight back home at the end of my contract. Overall about roughly $2000.

Time went on, and while I was waiting for my passport, I emailed the recruiter to let them know my progress (couldnt get my police/medical clearance too far in advance)…it was then that I got the dreaded email.

*another deep breath* Apparently their policy changed, and instead of the company training me up for a week in Miami, I now have to do a training course in Stellenbosch for R10,400! That course is 3 weeks, but according to my recruiter I’d only have to do the 2 week course for R7400. I simply cannot afford that. Even if I could (bf so generously offered to pay), it wouldnt be worth the trip after spending all that money beforehand. Even if I could afford the R7400, the petrol driving back and forth to Stellenbosch (+-45min drive) for two weeks would be even more money!! With all I’d have to pay back, the money I’d be able to save on the contract wouldnt be worth uprouting my life for 8 mths.

After I got that email, I cried and cried. I didnt realise how much I was mentally and emotionally preparing myself for leaving. I still keep looking at things and thinking, “oh I must get that sorted out before I leave” and then I remember its not happening anymore. My heart felt so heavy for days.

I’m not giving up so easily though, and I’m still working on leaving. I’ll keep you all updated, so please keep fingers crossed for me.

Trying to pick myself up, I’ve been thinking up stuff I want to do. I’ve decided I’m going to take dancing classes (with my bf) 😀 Then belly dancing classes (by myself). I’m starting Pilates as well, to tone up my body. I’m starting my cross-stitching again, and am looking through patterns for a new project.

I also want to make Apple Pie, Gingerbread Men, and a Jack o’ Lantern.

I also found out the SA Lipizzaners are performing at Grand West, and I bought tickets!! My mom, dad, sister, sister’s bf, my bf, and my Viia are all coming with 😀 I picked up the tickets today! YAY! Photo at the top, courtesy of caryn, a friend of mine who saw the Lipizzaners in KZN 🙂

So, I have lots of plans for the remainder of this year and the year ahead, its great!

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Plans, plans and more plans
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