So I’m a little late in putting this out there, but its still a great memory, so I have to blog it. The Sunday before last, my dad treated the family and a few friends to a horse-drawn carriage ride (18-seater) through our CBD. It was mainly organised for my mom, who’s been through so much with her sister’s passing, and has had to deal with so much (sorting Didi’s possessions, etc since Didi wasnt married) and needed some time to relax.

After keeping it a secret from my mom and our friends for the whole week, the day finally arrived. The carriage ride started the Castle of Good Hope where we (by special arrangement) had a few drinks on the wall before setting off.

Moving through the Castle gates

The ride continued along the streets where people waved and took photos. I cannot fault them, as I too would be grabbing for my camera if two Percherons clamoured by drawing a huge carriage. They really were a gorgeous sight! The ride itself was rather bumpy, especially when moving over speedbumps and parking lot entrances. Some of us had drinks of wine and/or champagne on the ride (again by special arrangement) but luckily nothing spilt. Please dont think me conceated mentioning ‘by special arrangement’ here and there, but I do so for two reasons. One, I dont want to mislead anyone who might want to hire the carriage, and two, it truly was a special evening, not one every person can experience, and I like to treasure that. Its not me being conceated, but rather just over-excited at such an opportunity.

About half-way though, we had a brief stop along the beach where we got out and I took photos of the family infront of the horses…well, those who were brave enough haha. The horses were also very relaxed and obliged my camera and by yawning repeatedly…photos can be seen below!

The BF in front of Monty (left) & Light (right)

Myself in front of Monty (left) & Light (right)

After that we headed back and by sheer luck, I was awarded the privelage of actually driving the carriage! It was nerve-wracking to say the least to take the reins of two gigantic horses and have them listening to your instructions. Our driver, Joseph, quickly took over when the horses started veering to the right into the next lane of traffic. Whoops!

On returning to the Castle, 2 hours later at around 8pm, we attempted more drinks on the wall, but alas it was too windy, so we returned to the garden where we set up our picnic dinner (special arrangement) and toasted our wonderful hosts and my dad who organised it. Sushi and various other finger foods were shared amongst everyone, and champagne and/or wine all round!

The evening ended at around 10pm, where everyone left very happy and relaxed, with memories of a time well spent with loved ones.

More photos from the trip:

The view of the beach to our right

Rumbling down the streets of Seapoint

Light giving us a yawn

Monty giving us a yawn

Monty, “Wazzuuuup!”

The view from the Castle wall, 8:30pm

Inside the Castle garden, approx. 9:30pm

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A carriage ride of relaxation…
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  • February 4, 2009 at 11:08 am

    Hehe.. I love the yawn photos! And the last one is so beautiful, its almost eerie.. 🙂

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