I got a great surprise last night when the bf came home. He presented me with a toy to play with for the weekend…a 50mm f/1.8 aka the Nifty Fifty (nifty because its the best value for money for decent glass…its only R1299!)! For those who dont know, its basically a prime lens (one that doesnt zoom but stays at 50mm) that stops down to f/1.8. My current lens stops down to f/5 or so at 50mm, and f/3.5 at 18mm. Ok ok I can hear you saying “huh!??” already. Basically the f/1.8 makes the background in a photo blurry. The higher the number, the more in focus everything is. So at f/22, the background will be sharp (best for landscape photography) and at f/1.8, the background will be nice and blurry.

Got it?


So I get to play with it this weekend, and have already been harrassing my dogs for some nice photos, but they’re just not having any of it. In fact, Gizmo keeps looking away…purposefully! I didnt know dogs could be mean like that, after all, they’re supposed to be (wo)man’s best friend. Hurrumph.

Anyway, by Monday I’ll have to pass it back (boo!) but hopefully I’ll have some nice photos to show y’all. Some more good news is that I’ll be getting to play with a Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 L lens on the weekend of OC. That lens retails for around R14000!! Wee I am a lucky girl!

I’m also an angry girl, however, because I have a YouTube video tut waiting for upload, and I just cannot upload it. I dont know why YouTube just sits on “uploading…….” and never gets anywhere. SIGH. I’ll keep trying of course *said in a tired voice*

But for now, I’m off to play with my camera!

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