Over December my Orly was ill with headtilt but with the grace of God, pulled through before Christmas. I medicated her on Baytril right up until I left for JHB for training.
When I returned, she was ill again and last Saturday she had a seizure, which I think could have been brought on by the Doxy/Baytril combo. I stopped using the Baytril, but expected to have to take her to the vet on Monday to say goodbye.

But by Monday, she was fine! Her head tilt had cleared up, there was no porperhin to be seen, and although she sneezed occasionally, her appetite was good, she was eating healthily and zooming around the couch at the best speed she could muster. My heart soared for her! Every time I looked into the Settitube, hammock or box she was sleeping in, my heart swelled to see her bright eyes looking back at me. She had made it through a second illness. My girl is strong!

Yesterday morning I sat by the cage, thinking how blessed I am to be working from home that I can see them all day and cuddle them when I feel lonely. I played with my two girls yesterday morning and took a few videos of them on my phone. I picked Orly up and cuddled her to my chest and she bruxed. She had started bruxing every time I cuddled her, so I was unsure whether she was happy or annoyed I gave them left over OatsoEasy and Orly ate heartily alongside Wormy.

I left for yoga that evening, at 17:50 and returned at 18:20. I walked through the lounge, put down my yoga things and turned the oven on for dinner. Immediately after that I went straight to the cage and found Orly on the floor of the cage. She had an unnaturally flat look to her and first thing I thought (from V’s descriptions of her boy’s seizure) that she was recovering from a seizure. Then I noticed her back legs stretched out behind her and her little back feet were blue.

I’m ashamed to say I couldnt reach in and check for myself, so I ran to get the bf who reached in and felt she was very cool. I sobbed so hard because this was so unexpected after the week we had had. Eventually I reached in and picked her up. Her belly was still warm but there was no heartbeat and she was blue. I cuddle her lifeless body for a long time and eventually wrapped her in toilet paper, put her in a box, and put her in the deepfreeze. I will send her for cremation today.

I dont know what happened. She seemed fine, there hadnt been any sign of returning headtilt and I hadnt seen another seizure. I didnt notice any breathing problems like gasping or anything to point towards a collapsed lung, so I can only presume she had a heart attack. She looked peaceful, so I pray it wasnt a painful death. I pray it was quick and that she didnt suffer.

My Orlith. You fought through two illnesses, you bullied Wormy and Ramoth in your prime, you melted Daddy’s heart to rats. You were my Ball-y, my Orlywhip, my Fatbelly Girl. I remember in your prime you were the hussy who vibrated every few days like clockwork. You will forever be in my heart, and you will be sorely missed. I love you my Ball. Thank you for fighting so hard for me, especially over Christmas. Finally you can rest in Peace. You deserve it.

09-Sept-2008 – 21-Jan-2010

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Rest in Peace, my Orlith
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2 thoughts on “Rest in Peace, my Orlith

  • January 23, 2010 at 2:00 am

    Such a beautiful girl. I’m so sorry. 🙁

  • January 23, 2010 at 9:37 am

    Thank you, Christy 🙁

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