So as the title says, I’ve lost weight (thanks to WeightWatchers). 1kg to be specific! Yes, sure, some will be water loss, but it still counts! I weighed in at 54.8.

Although I’m excited at having climbed on the scale and seen that I was down by exactly one kilogram, I still realise a few factors could have contributed to make it inaccurate, so I’ll only truly get excited when I’m closer to 53 or 52kgs.

The diet thus far hasnt been very difficult to stick to, and I was a little worried because not much of my eating habits had changed, mainly the portion sizes. I even managed to remove sugar from my coffee without much fuss (I thought I’d hate it more than I did, but it’s actually not bad).

But this just goes to show how important portion sizes are! And in case anyone is wondering, no I didnt go on a diet of just carrots and lettuce or something extreme. In fact, I managed to fit in calamari, a cocktail, a hot cross bun, and even pizza into this week.

For those who are interested, I’ll list my week’s intake here:

Day One:
Breakfast: Nothing
Lunch: White bread x 3, margerine x 3, turkey slices x 6, lettuce and tomato (basically, one closed and one open sandwich): 9pts
Dinner: Chicken leg (medium sized), chicken wing, 1/2 cup of rice, peas and corn (just less than a cup): 7pts
Snacks: Coffee, full cream milk, 2 x sugar, 1 x apple: 3 pts
Total: 19/18 pts

Day Two:
Breakfast: Oasto Easy (Strawberry & Yoghurt flavour): 3.5 pts
Lunch: Nothing.
Dinner: Chicken thigh (with skin), gem squash, 1/2 cup of rice: 6 pts
Snacks: Coffee, full cream milk, 2 x sugar: 2 pts
Total: 11.5/18 pts

Day Three:
Breakfast: 45g All Bran Flakes, 1 cup of full cream milk: 6 pts
Lunch: White bread x 2, ham slice, lettuce and tomato: 3 pts
Dinner: I & J Chunky (crumbed fish), 1/2 cup of rice, peas and corn (about 1 cup): 6 pts
Snacks: Coffee, full cream milk, 2 x sugar: 2 pts
Total: 17/18 pts

Day Four:)
Breakfast: Oasto Easy (Strawberry & Yoghurt flavour): 3.5 pts
Lunch: Hot dog bun, mayo (approx 1.5 tsp), 2 tsp tomato sauce, vienna: 4.5 pts
Dinner: Pizza slice (Roman’s margerita with extra tomato, medium) x 3: 7.5 pts
Snacks: Just Juice can, 100ml wine, Coffee, full cream milk, 2 x sugar: 4 pts
Total: 19.5/18 pts

Day Five:
Breakfast: coffee, 2% milk: 1 pt
Lunch: Burger bun, chicken fillets, sauce (basically a chicken prego roll): 5.5 pts
Dinner: 80g cooked calamari, 1/2 cup of rice, gem squash, 1 tsp Grape Seed Oil (chilli flavour!): 3.5 pts
Snacks: Wine, cocktail, oils and bread pieces: 6 pts
Total: 16/18 pts

Day Six:
Breakfast: coffee, 2% milk, extra milk: 1.5 pts
Lunch: Burger bun, ham, 1tsp Dijonnaise, tomato and lettuce: 4 pts
Dinner: 350g cooked pasta, tomatos, 3 olives, herbs and spices, 1 tsp Grape Seed Oil (chilli flavour!): 5 pts
Snacks: None.
Total: 10.5/18 pts

Day Seven:
Breakfast: Oasto Easy (Strawberry & Yoghurt flavour): 3.5 pts
Lunch: Hot cross bun: 3 pts
Dinner: 125g cooked spaghetti, 100g bolognaise, 2 tsp Grape Seed Oil (chilli flavour!): 7 pts
Snacks: 100ml wine: 1.5 pts
Total: 15/18 pts

I dont reach my 18 points every day, but the times where I normally would take a huge portion (*cough*spaghetti bolognaise*cough*), I’ve cut back which is a big thing. Plus the decrease in sugar intake (eg no sugar on All Bran breakfast or Oasto Easy) is clearing working. Also if you’re more aware at how much a teaspoon of margerine is, you tend not to waste points on it. 1 teaspoon of marg is worth 1 whole point! Eek!

Yay! Here’s to the next kilogram!

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Weight: Lost!
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One thought on “Weight: Lost!

  • February 27, 2010 at 5:34 pm

    Doesn’t look too hard, and glad to see the odd drink or two in there.

    But I’m afraid that reading about all that goodness makes me want to rush out and eat a plate of nachos.

    In fact, that’s a jolly fine plan…

    P.S. Good luck with getting the rest of it off!

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