I know I havent posted in a while. Truth is, stuff happens and I’m just lazy! Even being able to blog from my phone as per this post didnt change anything. Ah well, I’ll try make at least one post a week…try get back into the routine.

Before I get started on the main topic of this post, I would like to mention that myself and my bestie were featured (again) on the morning TV show Expresso again two weeks ago! It was awesome fun, and of course, our rats went along too (we were talking about rats as pets)!

Anyway…so at work last week I won a voucher to Woolworths for R1000! I also won another voucher for Woolies for R50, as well as a Camelot Spa voucher for R500 (it was a good day!). Today my mother and I went to see what we could find to purchase with this small fortune.

For the past few weeks, I’ve also being doing a lot of reading up on fondant (the icing that usually is seen on wedding cakes -not the marzipan icing though!) and I wanted to try my hand at making some for a cake. And I wanted to attempt my first two layer cake…maybe even my first two tier cake! So I went out today with my mom and bought some baking utensils (stainless steel measuring cups and spoons to replace my plastic ones, a stainless steel mini whisk and a stainless steeel sieve – all dishwasher safe! Score!) with my voucher as well as the ingredients for Marshmallow Fondant (‘mallows, icing sugar), vanilla buttercream (butter, cream, van essence and icing sugar), and of course, the cake (yea yea, it was box mix!)!

I went to @Home and was seaching around their sale items when I noticed a really nice scraper (for scraping the sides of cakes) for R55! So I bought it and when I was at the til paying for it, they told me it was marked down from (an insane) R230! What a bargain!! I think I was most excited about this purchase haha.

We spent the entire day looking for a simple offset spatula, which we didnt end up finding, so we ended the evening off at Qing Sushi for a nice mixe platter to share.

I got home and promptly started on the fondant process (after I cleaned the kitchen haha). I melted the marshmallows, poured out the icing sugar onto the table and started kneading! Half way through kneading, I realised I didnt add the 4 tablespoons of water to the melted mallows, so I added 1 tablespoon to the mix on the table…not sure how it affected the fondant, but only time will tell I guess. Kneading the fondant was tough! My back is still aching!

Then I made the buttercream, using the Kenwood Chef this time (wasnt sure it could handle the fondant consistancy), which went easier, but still made a bit of a mess (the joys of baking, eh). The buttercream went well and came out quite nice. Will give it another whip tomorrow before using, to make sure its extra creamy.

I’ll post an update tomorrow after the cake is done – hopefully with pics!

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Fondant Fun!
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