Hello readers!

Wow I havent posted in ages!

Last post was about the garden, well, that’s still going well. However, I forgot to pick some snap peas/mange tout and noticed them this morning – they’re looking ready to burst! I actually was quite taken aback when I spotted them.

Our blackberry cane is leaving out quite nicely, and I’m so proud of it!

Aside from the garden, the wedding is still slowly approaching. Gosh its taking forever! But, I’ve done some stuff. Had hair trial and booked my stylest, got some table decor, and started dance classes!

That’s right! Ballroom Dancing! And I tell you, I’m loving it! Even the fiance is enjoying himself, and he is surprisingly good at the Waltz and Foxtrot! And we both enjoy the Cha Cha hehe. So far, we’ve officially been taught steps for the Waltz, Foxtrot, Jazz, Cha Cha, and Western Swing. Tomorrow’s group class is Loopdans (so much fun!) and Tango. Wee!

But yea so we’ve signed up for a month’s worth of classes, 4x 30min classes per month, as well as 2x group classes a week and 1x social class (where we all just dance socially with the funky lights on and the disco ball). Socials are fun because instructors will invite you up to dance even if you dont know the dance/steps, and they help you along nicely. I never feel chastised for missing the steps and yes, I’ve stepped on a few few haha. I was asked up to dance during the Box Rhumba, the Boogie, Loopdans, and the Cha Cha but then I learnt some of that yesterday.

But all in all, I’m really enjoying it, and my aim one day is to compete in at least 1 competition!

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