Stone Soup slow cookerOr is it?

Who here, dear readers, owns a crock pot? Otherwise known (if I’m not mistaken) a slow cooker.

This has been in my thoughts for a while, and I’m sure I’ve hinted before at the fact I love appliances – ice cream maker, ice maker, soup cooker, donut maker, coffee machine, and even a pizza maker are all things I’d luuurve to own. I’m sure though that some are unnecessary as for example, the slow cooker could make soup as well, but the idea of a dedicated soup appliances (and it can even blend the soup to puree so you dont have to use a hand held chopper or use a blender cup by cup so it doesnt explode from the heat!) appeals to me quite a lot.

Anyway, so, back to the question. Who owns a crock pot/slow cooker, and bonus question, but equally important, are you ok leaving it on all day while you’re at work?

The thought of doing that makes me a little nervous, but I understand this is what slow cookers are for, right? I’d never leave my oven on all day, of course, but maybe a slow cooker is ok for that….


PS: Extra bonus question, which slow cooker do you own and what do you think of it?

Also new poll added in the sidebar –>

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What a load of crock!?
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