On the Friday night before my wedding, my sister (MOH), organised a room at a guest house for my BM and I (MOH had to be home to feed her cat etc) so we stayed the night did final things like drawing on the chalkboards, writing speeches (BM lol) and sorting out how the BM and MOH were going to tie their infinity dresses (sister spent most of the night and then went home when we went to bed). We went to bed at around midnight (eep!) but lay awake giggling until about 1am or so.
We woke at 7am for breakfast downstairs at 7:30. I had a nice English breakfast of 1 egg, some bacon, fried tomoto, fried mushrooms, fruit salad and yogurt, and my BM had a vegetarian schnitzel and everything else that I had except the bacon.

Then off to the shops to get some snacks for lunchtime at our wedding venue for while we’re getting ready. Once that was done, I sent the stuff for the groom and his men with my dad and then my mom, MOH, BM and I went off to the venue. My DH was there already getting the reception set up with all our DIY decor!

Meanwhile we were getting ready, slower than what I should have been, so we were running behind. We kept getting calls from my dad and MOH’s bf asking where the venue was etc and they only arrived to get dressed at 15h00! Ceremony at 15h30! by 15h15 I still wasnt in my dress so they laced me in, the photographer took pics of my ladies, then a few of myself, we attached my veil and dashed out the door. However, while they were lacing me up, it dawned on my that the moment was near, I’d be walking down the aisle soon and I had a bit of a breakdown, desperately trying to signal for a tissue so I didnt ruin my makeup. The photographer got pics of that so I’m sure those will be interesting to see haha!

I arrived, 15 minutes “fashionably late”, and only found out today that my dad had strode down the aisle and said “thanks everyone for coming but C has changed her mind” haha what a joker! The music started up and my ladies were joined by the men and they walked down the aisle in line as practised and I, with both my mom and dad, followed shortly after on my cue.

I think we might have walked down too quickly haha but who knows (or even who cares, at this point, right!) 😛 When I got to the carpet runner, the minister was supposed to signal DH to turn around to watch me walk down the aisle to him but he forgot, so I stopped and tried to signal that DH must turn around, and eventually after much gesticulating, he turned around haha cant wait to see that on the video. I made my way up the aisle, kissed my mom and dad and stepped up to my man, who was smiling from ear to ear, despite his nerves!
As we stood throughout the ceremony, I couldn’t help but be thankful that it was blue skies and lovely! Considering rain was forecast, it couldnt have been a better day, and in fact the sun was so bright I had to put my hand up to shield my eyes while I tried to look into DH’s eyes whilst saying our vows haha!
Poor DH was so nervous and stood taking deep breathes to calm himself, eventually I leaned over and whispered, “its ok, love, you can relax now” hehe
Finally we were pronouced husband and wife and got to kiss, which we did (politely, no tongue, but with gusto!) and made our way down the aisle to sign the register as husband and wife.

When we came out, everyone was lined up ready to throw the coloured rice we made and gosh did we not think it through when we made it!! Being pelted with 4kgs of rice STUNG haha! (according to my MOH, some people really had fun pelting us with the rice) And the rice went straight down my dress haha and kept falling out throughout the night lol, even onto the honeymoon suite floor where we took the dress off!

We did family photos (which left us no time to sample a canape boohoo) and then bridal party photos and then DH and I went off for pics. The sun was out, and we had a cool time with the pics (so excited to see them!) climbing around the grassy bush area, and then had to come back and do our first dance! EEEP! We were so nervous, and I was visably shaking haha (apparently no one noticed).

We timed it properly and it went off perfectly except for 1 step which DH did too soon, so I continued on with the correct timing, he caught up and we finished the dance with a nice dip, JUST as the song ended! It was perfect!

After that, starters were served. Butternut Tart – gosh this was delicious!!!! Everyone raved about it! The buffet everyone also enjoyed, esp the lamb, omnomnom that was divine!

For me, I just wanted to relax and enjoy but my mind was on all different things, and I remember thinking at some point that I just want all the fomalities to be done so I could relax! Haha!

I didnt see my reception before I arrived, so I was so suprised and amazed when I saw everything set up, the DIY bunting hung up in the trees, the table seating plan hung up, the bunting on the rail as you walked in, etc! Neither myself nor DH had seen the cheese stack yet as my gran, aunt and MOH set it up during photos, so when we got in and saw it we were gobsmacked! It was perfect! It was exactly what I wanted, and better than I could have done myself!

The speeches were done and everyone got all teary eyed, like they do during speeches, and then it was my DH’s turn. His speech was so heartfelt and he got all choked up and I couldnt have imagined a better speech :heart: Then it was my turn and I read mine from my phone (I had it on Dropbox haha), as well as played a little surprise video clip of Buddy from Cake Boss saying “Congralutions on your wedding, Michael and Courtnay!” when I met him in Cape Town 😀

Then it was dessert and we cut our cake, threw the bouquet to “Hollaback Girl” and the garter to “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mixalot hahaha everyone loved that!

Then there was drinking and dancing and at midnight everyone left, we cleared the hall of the things we wanted to keep and disappeared to the honeymoon suite, where we were greeted with rose petals outside on the mat outside leading inside on the floor and some on the bed, with a bottle of champagne, some more cheese and crackers, and chocolate.

We opened the balcony door and overlooked the view over the winelands and then I just had to get the dress off hahaha needless to say there was a lot of rice left on the floor when it came off haha

The next morning we all met for breakfast at 9:30ish (14 of us who stayed over), and that breakfast was AMAZING!!!!!!!! Then we had our complimentary wine-tasting and went home (only to go out again with the inlaws for dinner, and then wine tasting again on Monday with DH family who were in town for the wedding – great fun but sheesh I’m exhausted!)

You can see a storybook here:


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