A few weeks before our Mauritius honeymoon, we found a couple of kittens that were born outside our work in a bush. The mom, who was around 4-5 months old herself, managed to run off with one of them and we took in the other two (we were worried she’d find 3 kittens too much and abandon them all). We bottle fed them and aged them at approx almost 2 weeks old. Knowing hubby has always wanted a kitten, but I’m highly allergic, I offered to him if he wanted to keep one, which of course, he did.

We brought them home when they were on kitten mousse food (my mom was feeding them in the meantime) and we fell in love with both of them. So we did what any sane animal lover would do…we kept both! So now I introduce to you, Scooter (ginger & white) and Oscar (ginger)! Click the link for the rest of the pics.

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Meet our Kittens!
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