Check out the view I had while I was jogging yesterday! Disgusting isn’t it! 😛

Today will be my third day at gym, and thus far, I’m loving it! I was inspired to write after reading a blog post from a blog I started reading today. Yesterday, I did 10 min on the eliptical because all the treadmills were taken, but I really didnt like it. But it was better than sitting around waiting for a treadmill to become available, right?

I also felt like it lied to me! It claimed I burnt around 70-90calories in 10 min….uh, sounds a bit “too good to be true”, doesnt it?

Eventually a treadmill became available and I did 30 min, 3.15km, at an average speed of 6.2mph, and I did at least 7 min of jogging at 7.0mph. According to the treadmill, I burnt 113 calories in 30 min.

Colour me happy!

So tonight I go again, and hopefully do the same amount of jogging, if not more. I’m being concious not to push myself too far too soon, cos I dont want to burn out right in the beginning. I know I have to get my fitness back up.

So, just keeping you up to date on my gym mission. Wish me luck!

Also, does anyone have any suggestions for a decent Android app to track calories and distance run each day? The ones I’ve found are either too complicated, mainly for bodybuilding, or they dont allow you to input your own calories and the calories they give dont match what my gym equipment is telling me.

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Feeling great!
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2 thoughts on “Feeling great!

  • July 17, 2013 at 6:51 pm

    Good for you! I use – it works well for me as I track my diet, workouts, goals, etc. And I also use to track steps/calories and it syncs well with My Fitness Pal. SparkPeople is another good one if you like the community aspect, by MFP seems to have the largest database. Just a few suggestions! Keep up the awesome work!

  • August 30, 2013 at 9:11 am

    Thanks!! Will check those out!

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