So apparently everyone has been leading a double life without my knowing! I’ve recently been considering joining a gym (going today for my free session) for some treadmill action, and as it turns out, a whole bunch of people from work are already signed up with the gym! And they gym almost every day!

So while I’ve been sitting here wondering how everyone is able to eat what they like (anyone feel like gatsby? pizza? McDonalds?) and not put on weight (ok, besides the fact that they’re not women lol curse men’s metabolisms, amirite!?), but as it turns out, they’ve been gymming and I was too blind to see it!

So, today I’ll be going over to the gym to do a bit of treadmill stuff. The last I was in a gym I was in Matric or just out of Matric (so around 2001/2002) if I recall correctly. My mom bought a gym contract for my dad (ha!), herself and my sister and I. I went a few times, but I ended up sitting have a creamy coffee after the session haha so I dont think I got the full benefit. Eventually it fizzled out and my contract ended and I never went back.

Later, I joined a local aerobics class, which my mom attended and I started gymming 3 times a week for an hour. We did a mixture of yoga (taught by my sister), katabox (my favourite), hi/lo, bench, and dance aerobics (another favourite of mine). I was also on Weight Watchers at the same time, as I’ve mentioned on my blog before, and I lost a lot of weight, and I felt great.

But then I started a new job in another suburb and its too much of a rush to get to the aerobics class in time. And the aerobics class only started around 6pm and 6:15pm, so its somewhat in the middle of my evening, which meant dinner only got started at 7:30…no wait, I only got home at 7:30 so I would only start dinner around 7:45pm!

“Well what’s different this time?” you ask. Simple. At my current job, after work M & I wait for traffic to dissipate. If we leave just after 5, we get home at 6:15pm. I we wait until 6 to leave, we get home at 6:15pm, and we dont need to sit in traffic.

So, currently I sit on YouTube or I play games for an hour. Hubby plays his LAN game with some other colleagues who are also waiting out the traffic. So what I’ll do is catch a lift to the gym with the gym people while hubby games, and he can fetch me when he’s done.

So in the hour I’m usually sitting on my ass watching YouTube I’ll now be spending jogging (ok ok, briskly walking until I’m a little more fit) on a treadmill. My goal is at the very least 3 times a week, but I’m aiming for 5 days a week after work. If they have an aerobics class on a weekend or in the evening, I may choose to do that instead of the treadmill, but so long as I’m exercising, that’s the main thing, right? And I’m not going to feel bad if I dont gym on the weekends, but my rule to myself is that if I miss anything during the week, then I’ll go at least once on the weekend.

That’s the goal, that’s what I plan to do! I hope I’m able to stick it through and not get bored. I’m very excited to go this evening, and if I can keep myself motivated long enough, maybe it’ll become routine and I’ll feeel odd if I dont do to gym.

Hopefully by putting pen to paper (so to speak) I wont jynx it!

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I’m making a run for it!
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