Lookit what I made last weekend! I turned 30 on Saturday the 24th, and with some of my spending money from my shopping spree my amazing husband provided me with as a birthday gift, I bought some polymer clay!

I was inspired by a German lady whom I found on Instagram I decided to try my hand at making some miniature food, and I tell you, I’m in love with this new hobby!

The first thing I decided to make was a little ham sandwich. The internet (read: YouTube) is filled with Turkey Sandwich tutorials, but we in South Africa aren’t 100% into Turkey Sandwiches, I decided to make a shaved ham sandwich (it was a staple during school days for me!). I had to “wing it” with the meat and I think I did a pretty good job?

The part I’m struggling with (to a small extent) is working with the chalk pastels for colouring…I dont know them well enough to know what will work and what wont. I almost want to make a white sheet of clay with a bit of each colour painted on it so I know what they’ll end up as once baked.

But, this weekend the challenge will be waffles or croissants, so we’ll see how it goes! Also have to pop into the bead store to get some headpins and stuff to make them into charms.

Oh how I wish I still was young enough to play Barbies…I know my Barbies would have LOVED a little sandwich or a cupcake or croissant!!

(click pics for a larger version)

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Ham sandwich, anyone?
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