Last month we started the process to get a visa for Copenhagen for the Intel Solutions Summit which is held annually.

After a very short week, our visas were approved and then it was just a month or so wait until we left!

We travelled from the 08 April to the 14th April, and thankfully had taken off the 15th as well to recuperate haha.

The conference was held over the first two days, and after that we did some sightseeing.

Two internet friends of mine came over from Germany to meet up for the first time in real life, which was cool, and we all hung out together until we left for home.

On the first day of sightseeing, I took DH to the Bryggebroen Bridge for a surprise. The surprise was that I had preplanned a love lock to attach to the bridge. Before we left SA, I bought a hand engraver and a lock and engraved our names, wedding date, South Africa, Copenhagen and Apr 2014 onto it.

He was super surprised and didnt even notice the locks on the bridge until I handed him the keys to our lock as his first clue to what we were doing. He picked a spot to attach it, locked it on and then we threw the keys over the edge into the water.

From then we went on the Copenhagen Canal Tour, which took us to see most of Copenhagen’s big spots and even though it rained a bit during the trip, the boat was covered (you could move the cover away when you wanted to take pics) and heated!

After that we went to the city center and did some walking around which was nice. Gosh, so much walking throughout!! We had the “cOPENhagan card” so all public transport was covered, as well as entrance to everything we went to see while we were there.

The next day we started out early at the Church of our Saviour and walked the 400 steps to the top – 90 meters high! It was super cold up there, and by the time we came down there were SO many others there, so we were glad to climb right when they’d opened. The stairs were narrow so you had to wait for groups to move past before you could proceed so it would have taken much longer and delayed our day. The view from the top was amazing! You could see EVERYTHING from up there!

From there, just around the corner was the freetown Christiania. This is town that governs itself, and they don’t allow photos inside in certain areas, as they do their drug deals in a street they call Pusher Street. It’s “legal” to buy inside Christiania, as the police dont enter there.

From there we hopped on a bus and went to the Carlsberg brewery, where we did the self tour of the building, and afterwards redeemed our two tokens we got with our entry ticket for two awesome beers each (DH had a coke and a lemonade cos he doesn’t drink beer 😛 The barkeep still ragged him about ordered a coke in a brewery hehe). They have a collection of bottles in Carlsberg which total around 22,250 bottles and hold a Guiness World Record.

After that we went to Tivoli but were disappointed to find that the entry doesnt get you any rides, and the nice cool rides were 3 ride tickets each (25DKK per ride ticket, so just short of AUS$5 per ticket). So we didnt ride anything but we walked around and took pics and had a hotdog.

Then we made our way home and spent the remainder of the evening drinking coffee in our room together, watching YouTube videos lol

The next day we were leaving and had to be at the airport by 13h00 so we just went to the zoo to see the polar bears (and other animals). Their zoo, despite the negative publicity, is really great. The animals have huge enclosures, each well matched to their own environments (though I felt bad for the African animals, cos Copenhagen gets cold in winter haha). While we were there it rained, and we got soaked haha! So there we were dashing to the bus to get to the hotel in time to catch the shuttle we booked to the airport, wet clothes in 7 degree weather haha! Brrrr!

But we made it and made our way home safely. I’m not sure, if I’m 100% honest, that I’d want to revisit Copenhagen, but it was a wonderful experience and I tell you, it pissed me off to come back to SA where no one respects the laws (in Copenhagen, no one crosses the road until the green man appears and when you step onto a zebra crossing, the cars stop, in SA, they might still run you over).

See a bunch of pics here:

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