Hi! Hello! Over here, yea you! Hi!

Remember me?

Let’s sit for a minute and chat, okay?

How have you been? What’s new in your life?

Oh, me? My life is going ok thanks! Pretty good, actually! Where do I begin?

Ok my last post was on the 04 Sept 2013. It’s now almost the end of April 2014, so I guess the easiest thing is to go month by month over the events.

Not much happened in Oct, but M and my 10 years of being together as a couple was on the 12th Oct 2013 😀 Pretty decent milestone! A whole decade together! Woah!

In Nov, I donated blood for the first time! Bucket list checkoff!! It was reasonably successful, in that they let the tourniquet down a little too much, so the blood didnt flow smoothly out of my body and it ended up clotting in the pipe, so half way through they told me I was done and no point in continuing on.

It was a tough moment for me, as I couldn’t help feeling like a failure. I haven’t been back, mainly since they don’t allow donations after hours, and I’m not 100% over my experience the first time. It just gets me down.

In Dec, Christmas was celebrated just M and I at home. I cooked a chicken and some other items and we had a small Christmas dinner by ourselves. We also went halves on a Nespresso machine, which we bought as a combined Christmas/Birthday gift for each other. We have used it pretty much every weekend since, which is great ‘cos I thought it might be one of those things you use a few times and then it peters out, but good coffee is one thing we actually look forward to enjoying on a more frequent occasion.

Our favourite flavours thus far are for me: Carpriccio, Roma, and Chocolate (it doesn’t taste like chocolate, but it’s got a nice rounded flavour).
For M: Dharkan, Indriya from India, Caramel, and Vanilla.

On the 1st of January, we started Geocaching! If you’re not sure what it is, here’s a rundown at this link, otherwise it’s pretty much just a real life, giant treasure hunt! I do try vlog my cache hunts, so check them out on my YouTube channel!

Nothing much happened in Feb, and in March the highlight of the month was our trip to East London to visit friends of ours! We stopped off in Port Elizabeth for a night to see the in-laws and extended family and my brother- and sister-in-law’s new twin babies. Too cute!

We also stopped off at Storms River and did the Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour, which was on my original 101 in 1001 list (aka bucket list), but was swapped out later on with the more accessable luge pipe (which I still haven’t done haha).
We took a GoPro of the whole experience, which I’ll be editing this evening to put onto my channel, so keep an eye for that (I’ll link it here when I’m done)! which you can find here!
The whole experience was pretty darn fantastic!

Every time we drive from CPT to PE / EL, we always stop off at the Storms River bridge and we see this tour advertised but we either dont have the spare $$ or we dont have the allocated time available to us on our journey. Then, a few weeks before our planned trip to EL, a Groupon popped up – 2 for the price of one! So we worked out a reasonable time schedule and went ahead and booked the tour from the comfort of our office pc’s.

We arrived at the venue in good time, GoPro in hand, and hubby promptly asked them if they had a GoPro-friendly helmet, which would save us having to mount ours on their helmet. They did, so we were hooked up!

We had ourselves (hubby and I) and three other people in our group (1 gent and 2 ladies). Our guide, Jason, and our brake-lady, Chantelle, were super friendly and very tolerant of us ladies who were a little afraid of heights!

Speaking of heights, the highest point is 30m, mid-zipline as the forest floor drops away between the two platforms, but you dont even notice the height due to the huge ferns covering the floor below. The longest zipline is +-95m and we worked out our speed on the 4th fastest line was around 20-23km/h 😀

If you do this zipline thing, you will be tempted to brake, but do yourself a favour and trust in the guides to tell you when you need to brake!

The experience itself went too quickly, as fun things tend to do, but it was amazing nontheless! Our GoPro battery lasted the whole ride, except for my final slide haha!

I highly recommend taking the time to look around and take in the lovely view you have whilst you’re in the trees. Notice the trees swaying, with you in them, and look down at the expansive forest floor. Don’t just let the tour be about sliding through it all as fast as possible.

Also, be prepared for a small hike back to the transport vehicle spot! As short as it was, its a little tough on us lazybones who dont exercise haha!

And finally, the light lunch provided was very nice! The chips especially were VERY tasty, dont go with the salad! Get the CHIPS, I tell you! 🙂 The coffee was also a nicer option, as you get complimentary water with your gear to quench your thirst, and the coffee is brought in a pot if there are a few of you having, so you might get more than 1 cup and you can drink it slower 🙂

After that it was on to PE and of course we did a bit of geoaching along the way!

We got back on Sunday and were able to collect Scooter on Monday from his home-away-from-home, Purrmore Cattery! What a wonderful place this is! And sweet Scoots seemed to be in good spirits when we came to fetch him, and he enjoyed watching the chickens and squirrels that frequent the cattery (our of the reach of the cats, of course!).

We have some more news for next month, but more on that in the next post as it deserves it’s own post!

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