Welcome home to my newest gadget appliance! A Philips Food Processor and Hand Blender!

I’ve wanted one of these babies for a long time, although I’ve often wondered what exactly I’d make in it, especially having taken on a Banting-style diet recently (so no bread crumbs needed, no pastry bases needed, etc etc :P). But it was on special and I figured I’d find something to make with it, so I bought it! I also used my eBucks which helped hehe 😛

I have already used it to make a homemade mayonnaise, and it came out pretty tasty. I changed the recipe a little by adding more Dijon mustard and I also added a touch of vinegar in partnership to the lemon juice to give it some tang (hubby’s suggestion).

Next up, definitely want to make some nut butters (pecan, almond, mmmm) and basil pesto (although dear hubby pruned all my basil plants down so I have to wait for them to grow again lol), and I think I’ll make some coconut milk and coconut flour….

What do you use your food processor for? Have any recipes you care to share?

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