Hello dear readers

I’ve started crocheting again! It’s been a while since I made the Scootercatblanket and I’m thinking perhaps because the weather is getting chilly that I start wanting to crochet.

Having moved into our house last year I still haven’t found the time to organise the craft/rat room, so I haven’t done any clay work for a while. At least I can sit and do my crochet in the main living area whilst I wait for dinner to cook or while we are watching some series on TV.

I decided to move up from just a blanket, so I looked up a YouTube tutorial on beanie making and I found a few that I liked, so off I went to buy a 5mm hook and some wool. I subsequently made 3 beanies (one for my sister, my dad, and for myself). Then I got even more adventurous and made myself some fingerless gloves! (again, thanks YouTube!)

My next projects are another pair of fingerless gloves for a friend, and then some boot cuffs for another friend (and myself of course!).

Orange-boot-cuffs-BHGI’m in love with these designs you can find on the Daisy Cottage Designs blog. Esp the orange ones I’ve linked on the left!

There are so many easy tutorials out there. Do you have a favourite?

Other than that, what has been happening in my life? I’ve started yoga again, and I’m loving it! I even bought some material to make a carry bag for my mat. I’ll hopefully keep you updated with that when I make it. I’ll be using a tutorial I found on the Crafty Gemini blog. Fingers crossed!

I guess that’s me for now, signing off. Have a super day and stay crafty!

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