So I started this list in 2009, and of course it’s long past 1001 days but I still enjoy coming back to this list to see what has changed and how many I’ve done and redone over time. So, let’s revisit.

Personal Growth:
1. Go to a movie alone
dont think I did this yet, but I did go to a rock concert alone lol maybe that counts?
I feel I did do this but I have no idea what the movie was lol?
2. Do volunteer work
Platbos Reforest Fest I take as volunteer work, so, check!
3. Get published (letter/story/photograph)
I wrote a novel, not yet published but I got a proof copy, that counts, right? 😛
Still not edited. Still not published.
4. Plant a tree
planted a blackberry cane, does that count?
planted MANY trees at the Platbos Reforest Fest!
5. Buy a worm farm (or shares in a worm farm)
no and I gave up on this idea. Its actually rather complicated to keep one haha!
6. Try a new restaurant
done this, a few times. Messopotamia springs to mind.
Also went to Saints Burger Joint recently which was new.
7. Take each member of my immediate family out to lunch (2/3)
I have taken my mom out, and my dad, so just my sister left.
8. Read a biography
I read a few books about abductions ie Finding Me by Michelle Knight, A Stolen Life – A Memoir by Jaycee Lee Dugard etc.
9. Write a short story
I wrote a novel, I think that works for this one, dont you? 😛
10. Finish a YOU magazine crossword
Yea still haven’t done this, I should prob keep one with me lol.
11. Frame & hang 10 photos I’ve shot (6/10)
I’ve got 6 framed shots around my house (well, 5 framed, 1 canvas)
Still no further with this.
12. Get MagMark bookmarks made
nope, given up on this idea too lol
13. Get professional photos taken of myself
done! I won an engagement shoot last year!
14. Make my bed every day for the next 2 weeks (14/14)
I do this all the time now, aren’t you proud!
I do this some of the time now, aren’t you proud!
15. Train myself to do the splits
LOL! ‘Nuff said, I’m sure.
Still working on this one…yoga is helping.
16. Go shopping alone 5 times (5/5)
– I’ve probably done this a few times, but I can remember once, recently.
Yup do this all the time now.
17. Get Gizmo’s lumps removed
RIP Gizmo
18. Travel out of South Africa
Twice now! Mauritius for honeymoon and Copenhagen, Denmark for Intel.
19. Get car bonnet fixed/replaced
how about I bought a new car? That trumps it, right? 😛

20. Go one day a week without Facebook for 3 months (0/12)
Not as hooked as I used to be, more a YouTube addict lately but dont think I’ve gone a whole day without FB for 3 months, no.
This prob wont happen. I have my QDP business on FB as well as RN so yea I need to stay connected for that.
21. Get 10 new blog followers (let me know if you’re following my blog so I can count you) (0/10)
Cancelling this because I don’t blog enough lol
22. Get three people to start a blog (0/3)
Same as above
23. Sort my blog links in catagories
I took these out lol
24. Re-evaluate bracketed items in this list when individually completed
25. Get 10 other people to do a 101 in 1001 list. (0/10)
I think I inspired one other to do a 101 in 1001 list from my heli ride.
That’s a lot of people, who was I kidding

26. Go to the dentist
done, and another appointment pending for next year!
27. Go to gym regularly for at least three months (0/3)
I did this long ago, but have since stopped since I changed jobs. Travel time conflicts 🙁
I am going to yoga now on a regular basis
28. Donate blood (this is a scary one for me!)
not yet…..
I feel like I’m cheating because while I did donate, it failed and I didn’t complete the full amount, but I am scarred now so I probably won’t go back 🙁
29. Get two other people to donate blood (0/2)
Hard to push people for something you can’t even do
30. Incorporate three new meals into my diet
Yup we’re eating green beans, quinoa, and roast veg in our diet now.
31. Make an emergency kit
32. Learn CPR
33. Stretch every day (0/1001)
Marking this as done cos I stretch at yoga
34. Take my pill every day for 60 days (0/60)
I’ve prob done this lol
Yea I’m off the pill now
35. Try a new food (ie snails)
I did try snails actually, they were ok.
I since tried Zebra #omnomnomnom
36. Stop drinking fizzy drinks for 30 days (0/30)
Havent officially counted it but I haven’t done the fizzy drink thing for a while. Certainly not with the frequency I used to
37. Go to the gynecologist once a year (2/2)
Yup, thank you medical aid
38. Try the fruit of a Delicious Monster
One day….one day!
39. Stretch every day (0/1001)
woah, didn’t notice the duplicate.
40. Find out my blood type
need to do still.
I am A+

41. Get my Sexpo photo printed on canvas
42. Do some fabric painting
43. Take three images in a series (0/3)
44. Get three images printed on canvas for my lounge (0/3)
45. Bring my bonsai back to life
my bonsai died, but M’s bonsai is still alive haha
M’s bonsai died. And my 2 further attempts at bonsai died too
46. Buy a bigger pot for my Delicious Monster
47. Get fish tank looking and running great
dont have a tank anymore 🙁
48. Shoot a sunrise
Kinda did this whilst camping
49. Keep my bedroom floor tidy for 2 whole weeks! (14/14)
50. Complete a scrapbook
Don’t care for scrapbooks so taking this off

51. Ride a luge pipe
52. Watch Forest Gump
53. Fly in a helicopter
54. Ride in a hot air balloon
55. Write to a celeb (and try get an autographed photo)
Kinda did this one, Tweeted John Leguizamo and he replied lol
56. Walk into an elevator and don’t turn around, just face the other people.
done! and i even said, “I’ve gathered you all here today…” LOL
Apparently I do this too often
57. Win a competition
I won an engagement shoot
58. Get birds to visit the garden regularly
done, blogged
59. Build a puzzle
60. Take my dogs to the beach (and take pics)
Took Max to the beach and took pics a year or few ago
61. Get a professional massage
done, I went to Camelot Spa and it was looooovely!
So many since then…two in Mauritius even
62. Get canvases and do rat painting art
Won’t be doing this properly (did a small version of it)
63. Go to Build-A-Bear and build a bear.
I think BaB closed?

64. Keep a list of expenses for 30 days (0/30)
Yea this isn’t for me
65. Save R3000 (R0)
I did, and then I spent it lol

66. Go to a strip club
67. Throw a party for someone
done! I threw M a surprise 30th!
68. Go wine tasting
done, many times! Why is this even on the list haha
69. Go grape stomping
70. Do a Township Tour
done! Went to Mzoli’s and got a tour as well from the Groupon deal.
71. Go camping
Done this many times now, I’m hooked
72. Host a board game night
73. Go cherry picking
74. Go to a Summer Concert
75. Throw another cocktail party
76. Do a girl’s night out with cocktails
77. Go gambling
Doubled my money
78. Go to a Lesbian Bar/Club

79. Learn to shoot a gun
Did that recently! Fired a handgun .22 and a semi-automatic rifle also .22.
80. Learn to pole dance
81. Learn to belly dance
I’m learning ballroom, does that count?
I did a belly dance class lol it’s a step closer
82. Learn to make three new dishes (3/3)
roast beans with parmesan (hardly a dish one needs to learn but its a new one I’ve tried), stuffed chicken breasts with mozzerella and spinach, warm quinoa salad.
83. Learn the harmonica
84. Learn how to change a tire
I did actually learn this…not sure if I remember how to now though haha

85. Shoot 5 weddings (5/5)
86. Get business cards printed
done a while ago, but want better ones done now.
I got better ones now
87. Get portfolio book printed
88. Photograph at an animal shelter
89. Take a photography course
Don’t see the point
90. Shoot a wedding for free
Kind of, I shot an aftershoot for free for a friend who got married in court
91. Redo my dad’s website
Don’t think he uses his anymore
92. Buy new camara equipment (lens/body/memory card/etc)
I got a nifty fifty lens from Taipei when M went there for work
Also bought some Speedlites, stands, and umbrellas, etc
93. Advertise my business (paid advertising)
Done a few times on FB
94. Host a stand at a wedding expo
Done at Cape Gate, have Canal Walk coming up in 2017
95. Backup my computer data
96. Get to work on time every day for a week (5/5)
done over and over again lol
And still going

97. Initiate romance once for every 3
Yea since I went off the pill this is old news
98. Make love 5 times a week for 1 month (4/4)
Yup, did it like rabbits at one stage
99. Have sex blindfolded
lol, done
And then some….
100. Snoo-snoo in a public place
done 😉
And again after that
101. Get engaged
DONE! Last year, 12 March 2011
And then I got married

Time to start working on one for Jan 1, 2013 eh….

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