Step One
What does the “disease of addiction” mean to me?

Always being vigilent of my addictive tendecies. Never allowing myself to pick up a drug thinking I can control my using.

I’m still sometimes unsure about the term disease when refering to addiction, and then on other days I’m all nah it makes perfect sense. I suppose this is what one learns more over their time in recovery, and I’m still a newbie.

Oftentimes I get asked to explain why it’s called a disease, and for me it’s always a complicated thing to answer. Maybe I feel the question too much and I battle to articulate what I feel? I’m not sure. Anyway, what I generally explain is that it’s progressive in how it takes hold of your life, much like a disease. There is no known cure, and there is still much unknown about addiction, much like many diseases. I suppose it’s a rather simplified explanation but I find that it’s one people have responded to most.

001. What does “the disease of addiction” mean to me?
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