This preamble is for:

  • an express meeting (one hour)
  • an open meeting (non-addicts welcome)
  • Good day and welcome to the ____{meeting name}____ meeting of Narcotics Anonymous. My name is __{chair’s name}__ and I am an addict.
    We ask those with cellphones to please silence them so as not to disturb the meeting. Please join me in opening the meeting with a moment of silence for the still-suffering addict, followed by the Serenity Prayer using the word “God” as you may or may not yet understand that word.

    (Serenity Prayer)

    This is an open meeting of NA and we welcome both addicts and non-addicts. We ask however that non-addicts do not share, but are welcome to observe. This is a safe space for addicts and those who think they might have a problem with drugs.
    Do we have any non-addicts visiting us tonight – could you please introduce yourself by first name only, so we may get to know you.
    Is there anyone here attending their first NA meeting or visiting this meeting for the first time? Please introduce yourselves. We ask this not to call you out but in rather to get to know you better.
    Would any one of the newcomers please come forward and light our candle? The lighting of the candle bears no religious significance, it simply symbolizes the passing from the darkness of active addiction into the light of recovery.
    If there is anyone made to feel uncomfortable at this meeting please come speak to me or any one of the service members of this group, who are raising their hands now, after the meeting.

    We will now read from the Basic Text of NA. Would someone please read Who Is An Addict?.

    (Who Is An Addict?)

    In meetings we try to maintain a spirit of recovery and we seek to identify with the similarities and not the differences of fellow members. For the protection of this meeting, we ask that no drugs or drug paraphernalia be brought onto this venue. If you have any on you we ask that you please dispose of them and return to the meeting as soon as possible.

    Would someone please read How It Works.

    (How It Works)

    Our meetings are a safe space for addicts and those who feel they might have a problem with drugs to share openly and honestly about their experiences. With this in mind, we ask that you refrain from cross-talking when someone is sharing or telling others what to do.

    Would someone please read any 3 of the Twelve Traditions of NA, including the introduction and the conclusion.

    (12 Traditions of NA)

    In the line with NA’s Sixth tradition, we ask that you refrain from mentioning the names of treatment centers, and to not mention drugs by name, referring instead to your Drug of Choice (DOC) when sharing. Members in meetings express their own opinions. NA’s official views can be found in the approved NA literature and I will now ask our Literature person, __{name}__, to tell us more.

    (Literature Preamble)

    We will now have a ‘First Aid’ round, where you can introduce yourself to the group and briefly share on your day/week, or mention something you are grateful for. Please be aware that we will make time for anyone to share on any thoughts or issues they might have, so keep it brief for now.

    Tonight’s meeting will be a: Guest Share / Topic Meeting / Tag Meeting / Just For Today meeting.

    (Introduce Guest / Topic of recovery / Tag format / JFT reading)

    (15 Minutes until end of meeting) My name is __{chair’s name}__ and I am an addict. We are nearing the end of the meeting, and would like to use the remaining 5 minutes share time to encourage those who are struggling or within their first 90 days to take this opportunity to speak.

    (10 minutes until end of meeting) My name is __{chair’s name}__ and I am an addict. We have reached the end of sharing time, but we invite anyone who didn’t get a chance to share to speak to any one of the services members who are raising their hands now, or better yet speak to your sponsor.

    Is there anyone here who is willing to speak to any newcomers about sponsorship or able to pass them onto a potential sponsor, please raise your hand now. (Pause for raised hands) Thank you.

    I will now hand you over to our Secretary, __{secretary’s name}__, for service announcements, Seventh Tradition, and a celebration of milestones.

    (Secretary Preamble)

    We have now reached the end of the meeting and I would like to thank all those who did service and shared tonight.
    (If chairs have been set out) Please participate in your own recovery by helping to return the chairs to their place.
    (If smoking is allowed at the venue) Smoking is allowed __{where}__ and we ask you to please do not leave your cigarette butts on the floor when you leave.

    Thank you for letting me be of service and please mindful that anonymity is vital to us all, so who you see here, what you hear here, let it stay here. (group chorus) Hear hear!

    (If meeting has tea/coffee service position) Before you leave we invite you to join us for Fellowshipping over tea, coffee, and biscuits.

    Would someone please read We Do Recover.

    (We Do Recover)

    Would someone please read Just For Today

    (Just For Today).

    Chair Preamble
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