Hi, my name is __{service member’s name}__ and I am an addict. Narcotics Anonymous has a variety of approved literature to help further your recovery. Among them are The Basic Text of NA, Just for Today, It Works: How & Why, The Stepworking Guide, Living Clean: The Journey Continues, & Guiding Principles: The Spirit of our Traditions.

The Basic Text’ contains the shared experience of the fellowship of NA. Many books have been written about the nature of addiction. This book primarily concerns itself with the nature of recovery. If you are an addict and have found this book, please give yourself a break and read it.

The ‘Just for Today’ contains a daily reading for each day of the year covering various aspects of recovery and is a great way to start your day.

It works: How and Why‘ is a discussion of the 12 steps and 12 traditions of NA. It helps you to develop a better understanding of the principles of recovery in your own life.

The Stepworking Guide’ is the guide for working through the 12 steps in NA. It consists of readings and questions for each step (which should preferably be worked through with your sponsor).

Living Clean: The Journey Continues‘ – this book is about finding a new way to live – the practice of recovery in our daily lives, in our relationships, and in our service to others. It is intended to welcome members new to recovery and to rekindle the passion of long-term NA members.

Guiding Principles: The Spirit of our Traditions‘ is a collection of experiences, tools, and discussions meant to be relevant to working through issues together, using the principles embodied in our Traditions.

We do not work the program in isolation, it is best done with a sponsor. A sponsor is a more experienced member of the fellowship helping a newer member understand our principles . ‘The Sponsorship Guide’ is focused on sponsorship in NA, its rewards, its challenges, and its place in our day-to-day recovery. This book usually is ordered on request.

We also have a variety of Information Pamphlets on various topics of recovery, which are free to the newcomer and __{cost}__ to everyone else.

For more information on obtaining any of the literature please speak to me after the meeting. Thank you for letting me be of service.

Literature Preamble
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