Hi, my name is __{secretary’s name}__ and I am an addict. NA’s 7th Tradition states that we are fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions. That is why there is a bag going around now so please give generously if you are able.
Visitors and newcomers need not contribute, please consider yourselves our guests.
The money collected goes towards the renting of this venue, tea/coffee, as well as to supply the literature and milestone keyrings. The excess is donated to our local ASC (Area Service Committee).

Another way we can fulfill our 7th Tradition is by providing service to the sub-committees of NA to help carry the message of hope to the still-suffering addict. There is no clean time requirement for these sub-committees and anyone is welcome.
Do we have any members here that can tell us more about their sub-committee?

(pause for any/all sub-committee members to pitch)

The sub-committees that were not mentioned are (exclude the ones already pitched):

Phone Line: They take calls from the NA help-line and direct the person on the other end to their nearest meeting or provide information on other NA-related services.
Hospitals & Institutions: They carry the message and arrange meetings in lock-down facilities, such as prisons and hospitals, where addicts are unable to access the 12-Step Program.
Public Relations: They spread the message of NA to staff of lock-down facilities, public servants, professionals, and any other public entity that routinely comes into contact with addicts and informs them of the 12-Step Program.
Fellowship Development: They assist with starting up meetings in under-served areas, and facilitate growth of the Fellowship of NA as a whole. They also assist meetings that are struggling with attendance or service vacancies.
Literature: They are responsible for the sorting, packaging, and distribution of NA’s approved literature and keyrings when orders are placed by the groups each month.
Events: They organise social events, fundraisers, and conventions to raise money for the Fellowship to carry the message to the still suffering addict, as well as provide entertaining occasions to meet members from all over.

If you are interested in doing sub-committee service you can find more information on the NA website (na.org.za), as well as useful links to upcoming events and group meeting lists. Should you wish to know more, please speak to our GSR (Group Service Representative), __{GSR’s name}__, who will read out any announcements now.

(GSR reads local announcements)

In NA we celebrate special milestones in our recovery by handing out keyrings, claps, and hugs.

Can the addict attending their first every NA meeting please come forward and collect your White keyring.
1-7 days?
8-14 days?
15-29 days?
Anyone celebrating 30 days today? Please come forward and collect your Orange keyring.
31-59 days?
Anyone celebrating 60 days today? Please come forward and collect your Green keyring.
61-89 days?
Anyone celebrating 90 days today? Please come forward and collect your Red keyring.
3 months to just under 6 months?
Anyone celebrating 6 months today? Please come forward and collect your Blue keyring.
6 months to just under 9 months?
Anyone celebrating 9 months today? Please come forward and collect your Yellow keyring.
9 months to just under a year?
Anyone one year clean and serene today? Please come forward and collect your Glow-in-the-Dark keyring.
1 year to 18 months?
Anyone celebrating 18 months today? Please come forward and collect your Grey keyring.
18 months to just under 2 years?
Anyone celebrating multiple years clean today? Please come forward and collect your Black keyring.
2-5 years?
5-10 years?
Over 10 years?

Could the members with one year or more clean time please raise their hand to show the newcomer that this program really works if you work it!

Thank you for letting me be of service.

Secretary Preamble
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